How to buy?

How to select and download pictures.
Anyone can search and browse through the Library, but in order to make selections and download image files, including Rights Free images, you must first register.

Make a selection
To search for pictures, simply enter a keyword or phrase in the text box above and click on the Search button. Hover your mouse over any thumbnail to magnify Click once on the magnified image to read caption and keyword information. To refine your search for similar images, select a pertinent key word to type in to the search box. To select, tick the box under each image to put in your lightbox. If you require all the images within the screen then click on 'Add all these images to lightbox' above the display. There is no a commitment to purchase at this stage.

To view, click on 'View current lightbox' in the top menu. This allows you to review your selection, delete unwanted images, rename the lightbox for easy recognition later, and e.mail the selection to colleagues. To make a new lightbox, you must first click the 'Create new Lightbox' button, otherwise you new selection will be added to the existing lightbox.

To purchase
Click on each image. Scroll down and select usage from the drop-down menus, then press 'calculate' Check details are correct, select preferred method of delivery and press 'Add to cart' There is no a commitment to purchase at this stage.

To download
Click on 'View Cart' in top menu bar. Check details are correct and tick VAT box if you are tax-exempt. Tick box to confirm terms and conditions To commit to purchase selected images, click on 'send order now' This reveals a Thank you for your order' page. Click on 'click here' to download files in ZIP format.