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Planning a powerboat record attempt across the Atlantic or round Britain? The first call that kings, captains of industry and world champions make is to Dag Pike, the most experienced powerboat racing navigator in the world.


The Bristol-based veteran has helped Sir Richard Branson and Sir Chay Blyth win the Blue Riband across the Atlantic, navigated the winning boats in the first two Round Britain powerboat races and won countless championships.


Wonderfully self-effacing, Dag tells his audience that he is the most rescued person in the world – more so than fellow Bristolian Tony Bullimore! One incident saw the bows of his semi-submerged boat sliced off by the 28ft diameter propeller of the ship sent to rescue him!


Dag Pike has made more Atlantic record attempts than anyone else and won the toughest powerboat race in the world twice. Of four key people he has raced with, two have become kings and the others have been knighted!




A former Captain of Trinity House lighthouse tenders and inspector of lifeboats, Dag speaks with great authority on surviving storms, winning preparation and the art of being rescued! Dag’s presentations include: Atlantic Record Attempts - based on participating in six projects
Winning the Round Britain Powerboat race at 75 years old.
The Art of Being Rescued –shipwrecks, sinkings and ultimate rescue.
Storms at Sea – extreme weather and how to survive in it.
High Speed navigation – the challenge of driving at speeds up to 130 mph.
Planning to Win – a motivational presentation about preparation for a race and the analogies between sport and business. "A great entertainer!"

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